PTSA to hold “Girls’ Night Out”

On Sunday, Oct. 7, the McNicholas High School PTSA will host “Girls’ Night Out,” a mother/daughter event held in the McNicholas High School Cafeteria from 7-9 p.m. The event is replacing the annual Mother-Daughter Brunch that McNicholas has held in past years.

“We decided to change things up a bit this year,” event chairperson Kim Simmons said. “It seemed like Sunday mornings were busy, and we didn’t want it to be another conflict in people’s schedules. We picked the same weekend and same day but just in the evening when mothers and daughters could spend time together in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.”

Although the final details are still coming together, Simmons said the plan is to have a game going throughout the night to keep up the excitement. Instead of a breakfast buffet, there will a dessert bar, which will have a variety of sweets in bite-sized portions so people can sample all the options. Another change is the invitation, which will no longer be sent in the mail to students.

“One important thing we’d like people to know is that they will not receive an invitation in their mailbox,” Simmons said.   “We are trying to be a little more eco-friendly and have made the invitation available online through the weekly newsletter.  If they are interested in coming to the event, please print the invitation from the newsletter and send it in to the office by Sept. 28.”

If students or parents have any questions, they are encouraged to call Simmons at 231-8665 or Jeanne Daly at 231-8197.

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