The next best book series are waiting to be read

In the past few years, millions of readers and movie-goers alike have made series like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games huge successes. Perhaps one of the following series, which can be found in the McNicholas library, will be the next bestseller-turned-blockbuster hit.

Divergent by Veronica Roth

  • Summary: Beatrice doesn’t belong. She has always felt out of place among the people of Abnegation, the faction she was born into. Now, as her sixteenth birthday approaches, she could choose to change her life by joining one of the other four factions in her community. But what if she doesn’t truly belong in any faction? In a community where every person has one specific personality, Beatrice cannot be pinned down. She possesses a special quality that very few of her peers share. Will it be enough to save the people she loves from the controlling government or will her gift ultimately be her downfall?
  • Review: “It’s a lot like Hunger Games because it’s about a utopian society,” sophomore Alana Osterday said. “It’s really fast-paced so it was hard to put down.”
  • Extra Information: Divergent is a trilogy. The second book is Insurgent.  Roth announced the final book would be released in 2013. According to the Internet Movie Database the series is going to be adapted into films, with the first movie scheduled to be released in early 2014.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

  • Summary: In Lena Holoway’s society, they fear love above all else. To them, love is a terrible disease. Fortunately, scientists have found a cure for it. Lena has seen the pain that love can cause, and she is ready to be cured. In fact, she looks forward to it. Right before her procedure, the unexpected happens. She falls in love with a handsome, mysterious boy named Alex. Now, Lena and Alex must figure out how to escape their world, and find a place where they are free.
  • Extra Information: Delirium is a trilogy. The second book is Pandemonium. The final book, Requiem, will be released spring 2013, according to Oliver’s website. Oliver also wrote two short stories titled “Hana” and “Annabel” to accompany the series. According to IMDb, a movie based on the series could be released by 2013.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

  • Summary:  Uglies is about Tally Youngblood, who lives in a utopian society where everyone is considered ugly from birth. These “Uglies,” as they are called, undergo surgery when they are 16 to obtain the perfect appearance and become “Pretties.” Throughout the series, Tally must fight the corrupt government that rules her society, while making some interesting friends, falling in love, and finding herself in the process.
  • Review: “I was intrigued by the plot of the series,” junior Kate Zurovchak said. “Here is a society gaining the utmost perfect appearance, yet it was all a perfect illusion. Even though outward perfection was obtained, there were still flaws.”
  • Extra Information: Uglies is a four book series. The other books are Pretties, Specials, and Extras.

Fallen by Lauren Kate

  • Summary: According to author Lauren Kate’s website, the Fallen stories begin when 17-old year Lucinda moves to a new school, Sword & Cross. Immediately, she is drawn to a mysterious boy, Daniel, even though he acts like he wants nothing to do with her. What she didn’t expect is that Daniel is actually a fallen angel. Together they discover that they have known each other for lifetimes, but evil forces have been trying to keep them apart. Now the two of them must do whatever they can to fight the evil forces and not lose each other again.
  • Review: Sophomore Ericka Kaimer loves the Fallen series. “It’s a classic love story,” she said. “It’s a mix between heaven and hell, and how two people overcome it.”
  • Extra Information: Fallen is the first book in the four book series. The remaining books are Torment, Passion, and Rapture. Kate also wrote Fallen in Love, a collection of short stories that follows Passion.

The Sarah Dessen Collection

  • Summary:Sarah Dessen is a unique author because even though her books are not a series, the stories are all intertwined. All the books take place in one of three fictional towns, the same high schools and universities are featured, and she created a Facebook-like page called Often, a main character from one book will be a minor character or at least make an appearance in another book. This is why it’s fun to read the books in the order she wrote them. As she wrote more books, the crossovers became more noticeable.
  • Review: “My favorite is the Truth About Forever,” junior Katie Cornell said. “The stories are relatable and I always love the endings.”
  • Extra Information: The books deal with many issues that teens struggle with, such as divorce, moving, broken friendship, insecurities about appearance, and even death of a close family member. With such a wide range of relatable topics, everyone will find a story that speaks to them, though they are targeted more for girls.
  • The books in order of publication are:

That Summer

Someone Like You

Keeping the Moon


This Lullaby

The Truth About Forever

Just Listen

Lock and Key

Along for the Ride

What Happened to Goodbye

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