Homecoming floats are fading

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On Oct.13, the Class of 2013 won the annual Homecoming Float competition during halftime of the Varsity Football game. Each of the class floats was based off their Homecoming class theme, with the Class of 2013 representing “Rainbow Road” from the Mario Kart video games. The floats were the result of a few students’ hard work; there was a low turnout for float building that made the construction a challenge.

In the end all of the floats were finished in time for the game, but some lacked quality and made people question the worth of this tradition. Although it is closely associated with Homecoming, it might be time to let go of the floats in favor of another activity.

Early in the planning of Homecoming, the junior class suggested that each grade could decorate their hallways and have an in-school competition. The junior class felt that the float tradition was outdated and forced a few students to do the majority of the work. The student population is considerably smaller than when the float tradition was started, and most students have multiple after-school commitments in the fall that makes it difficult to help with Homecoming.

“I think the floats turned out well, but a lot of people have complained there wasn’t much time to make them,” junior Riley Whitehouse said. “It’s hard for students because people who would go have other activities after school, and others just don’t want to go.”

After the senior class pushed to keep the tradition, the Homecoming committee decided to continue with floats.  Unfortunately, the same problems from past years came arose. While over 30 seniors signed a petition to keep the floats around, there were less than ten seniors that consistently showed up to help build the float. Other grades experienced the same difficulty.

“Not having enough people was definitely the biggest challenge because we were often rushed for time,” sophomore Anna Pierce said. “Also, gathering all the materials needed was difficult. But even though everyone isn’t participating, I still feel we should keep the floats in coming years. I think after the floats are finished, it is worth all the time and energy because it brings pride and enthusiasm to Homecoming Week.”

For many, Homecoming floats are an important way to express class pride. However with a replacement like decorating hallways, there would be more involvement from a larger number of students because they would directly see the competition and feel more motivated to participate. Since the hallways are a place students have to be everyday, it is likely they would want to have pride for their grade’s hall. Future Homecoming committees could also consider other possibilities, such as creating class competitions for the dress-up spirit days or the cheering at the Homecoming game. “I still think it would be a good idea to do something different,” Whitehouse said. “There wasn’t much participation this year with the floats, and I know people have other activities. If we did something like decorating the halls, people would have an opportunity during the day to hang something up if they wanted to.”

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