McNicholas band attends clinic held by Dave Matthews Band member

On Oct. 10, the McNicholas band members attended a clinic hosted by Jeff Coffin, the saxophone player for the Dave Matthews Band.

The event was held at NKU, and was offered to NKU music students and band students from high schools in the area. Band Director Keith Nance thought it would be a valuable and fun experience for his students. Band members Brianna Dowell-Howko, Eric Frey, and Jacob Woeste said they enjoyed it.

“My favorite part was when he talked about his fears,” Dowell-Howko said. “I thought that was cool, because he’s famous and he still gets stage fright.”

Coffin had the event set up in two parts. First, he spoke about his music career and his experiences with the Dave Matthews Band.  He also focused on his music education, as most of the students attending were either college music students or high school students considering music careers. At the end of his speech, he opened up the discussion for students to ask questions before moving on to the clinic portion of his event. The band members said they learned a lot in the clinic, and Nance thought it would help prepare them for their jazz half-time show. Woeste said they learned about jazz style and articulation. Besides learning jazz, they also learned about performing.

“He talked about the importance of practicing and how hard work is crucial to a music career. He taught me a lot,” Frey said.

After the clinic was over, Coffin and his band put on a concert. Dowell-Howko felt it was the perfect way to end a great day.

“They played a lot of his original songs from his band Jeff Coffin and the Mu’tet,” Dowell-Howko said. “It was really amazing to see such amazing musicians play live!”

The McNicholas band will be performing their jazz half-time show Saturday, Oct. 20 at the football game at Penn Station Stadium.

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