Indie rock band performs special show for music students

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, indie rock band Zamin performed an exclusive show for the AP Music Theory and Music Appreciation students.

Zamin performed their songs such as “Laila” and “Hai Hai” and talked about their music backgrounds, high school lives, instruments, and how the band was formed.  After a few songs, the band answered questions and gave copies of their CD to all of the students.

“My favorite part of the band’s performance was being able to see people in the real world doing something I love,” junior Christi Swing said.  “I have a passion for music, so seeing people being able to make a living and having fun was an inspiration to me.”

Zamin was formed in 2010 when bassist Josh Fink came up with the idea of a group that combined acoustic instruments and Hindustani lyrics.  Other members of the group are vocalist Zeshan Bagewadi, cellist Genevieve Guimond, multi-instrumentalist Eric Seligman, and percussionist Ethan Yeshaya.

Zamin plays numerous instruments including the cello, double bass, trumpet, harmonium, classical guitar, and an assortment of percussion instruments.  Each member of the band is classically trained but has different musical influences and is inspired by different bands.  “I’m influenced by bands like Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and a few others that not many people have heard of,” Bagewadi said.

AP Music Theory teacher Chris Albanese met Bagewadi during his time studying at Northwestern University . “We did a study abroad program in Italy and we were roommates,” Albanese said.   The program was run by the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music.  Albanese was encouraged by one of his teachers to audition for this program, which was open to students across the nation. After the camp, Albanese and Bagewadi attended graduate school together.

Albanese invited Zamin to perform at McNicholas when he heard that they were going to be in town.

“My hope was to expose students to a group of classically trained musicians who are using that training to perform music in a variety of settings,” Albanese said. “As a result, I think they were also able to see the practical applications of many of the concepts we are learning in the AP Music Theory course, and how this material is useful every day as a performer, both in the classical and rock genres.”

Later that night, Zamin performed at the Northside Tavern in Cincinnati.  Zamin has also performed in various venues across the nation, including some in Chicago and New York City.  For more information about the band, check out their website by clicking here.


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