Senior Video at risk due to low involvement

At the end of every school year, McNick has the tradition of showcasing graduating students in a “Senior Video.” The film includes events throughout the students’ entire final year at McNick, and features every student at least once. The video filming and editing is almost entirely done by senior students, which means that in order for the video to happen, students must get involved. This year, problems have come up because of low student interest. Students claim to still want a Senior Video, but they aren’t willing to put in the work.

“Senior Video was a really rewarding experience for me,” Class of 2012 graduate Allison Hickman said. “We had a group of four working on the project, and it was very rewarding when we finally got to see our hard work put up for the whole class to see. It is a piece of McNick that I will always have so I can look back and remember those ‘good old days’.”

While Hikcman worked with a group of four, Gillming said the video can be possible with a smaller group as long as the students are committed to filming and getting work done.
“There have been some years where we have a big group of interested students, and some years where it’s only a couple people that have to work really hard to get everything done,” Business and Technology Department Chair Barbara Gillming said. “This year very few people have stepped up, and the real problem is that no one is getting any footage. We need people to go to evetns and film inorder for the video to happen.”
With the school year already well into the third quarter, the time has come for seniors to make a decision concerning the Senior Video. With the number of students currently involved, it is unlikely that a traditional Senior Video will be possible. Gillming said there is the possibility of an alternative picture slideshow, but it’s not her first choice. “An all picture slideshow would just feel flat to me after so many years of actual video footage,” Gillming said.

Seniors need to decide to either step up to help or to sacrifice their Senior Video. On Wednesday, Jan. 30, all seniors will get a survey asking for their opinion, which Gillming said will determine what type of Senior Video, if any, this senior class will have.


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