McNick Basketball raises money for Cerebral Palsy Awareness

During the week of Feb.4-8, McNicholas Student Council will be selling t-shirts for Cerebral Palsy Awareness. The shirts are $10 and will give students free admission to the home men’s basketball game against St. Henry on Feb. 12. The t-shirts were made possible through Jesse Conly, Cathy Conly, Vineyard Lawn Care, and EME Fencing Company, and all proceeds will go to the Cerebral Palsy Unit at Children’s Hospital. In addition, there will be a 3 –point contest during halftime of the varsity game open to all fans. The entry fee is $1, and participants get $2 back if they make the shot.

The idea for this fundraiser was formed by senior Varsity Men’s Basketball Manager Sam Becker, who is personally affected by Cerebral Palsy. Although his case is mild, it limits his physical activity and prevented him from playing school sports. Becker said he has had the idea for this fundraiser for a long time, but wanted to wait until his senior year.

“Our school has a lot of great fundraisers, so that’s why I waited until my senior year to present the idea,” Becker said. “This Children’s Hospital unit is the same one that helped me become who I am today, and allowed me to have so many opportunities. My goal is that the money we raise helps other kids get the same opportunities, or maybe even more opportunities, than I had.”

For his work as team manager for both the football and basketball teams, Becker has received various awards including The Knights of Columbus Scholarship, the 12th Man Award, the President’s National Volunteer Service Award, and the National Football Foundation’s Tom Potter Memorial Award for Courage.

To further recognize all that Becker has done for McNicholas athletics, Varsity Men’s Basketball Coach Tim Monahan is putting Becker in a starting position for the game against St. Henry.

“The idea of letting a four-year manager start in one of their senior year home games is something my old coach Doerger used to do,” Monahan said. “It isn’t very common, but I felt it was important because Sam is such a good kid who has really worked hard and earned it. He has a lot of passion for the game, and I want him to get the full experience of getting his name called and playing the starting minutes of a varsity game.”

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