McNicholas holds 14th annual Penny Day

McNicholas held its 14th annual Penny Day and 12th annual Blood Drive on Friday, Feb. 1 where students, faculty, and staff donated $6,100 and 85 units of blood.

According to Service Coordinator Sam Roflow, approximately $4,500 will be donated to inner city schools. “Over the years, more than $80,000 has been donated to St. Mark’s School and St. Joseph’s School, among others,” Roflow said. “The rest of the money is contributed to service-related scholarships, families who have lost a parent, or anyone struggling to afford a Catholic education.”

Freshman Lauren Dundon was excited to participate in her first Penny Day. The night before, Dundon emptied out a jar that she had been saving coins in for the fundraiser. She believes that Penny Day is a great way for McNicholas to give back to the community. “It gives McNicholas a chance to help other people,” Dundon said. “Everyone brought some money, and it can really make a difference in others’ lives.”

Spanish teacher Kyle Jepson agrees that Penny Day is a significant day for McNicholas. “I think it’s an important day for teachers to serve, and through that, for students to raise a lot of money,” Jepson said.

Throughout the day, approximately 120 students had appointments in the gym to donate blood to Hoxworth Blood Center.

Junior Cameron Engel donated a unit of blood. “It’s not pleasant, but it’s worth it because you know it’s going to help someone,” Engel said.

Twenty-five members of Service Club stayed after school to count and sort leftover coins. Roflow was impressed by the enthusiasm and generosity of students on Penny Day. “It was a great way to end Catholic Schools’ Week,” Roflow said. “It’s the only day of the school year where we take the focus offourselves and completely work to help others.”

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