Sophomore chosen for Nordstrom Fashion Board

Sophomore Katie St. Charles has recently been chosen to become a member of the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board.  The board is composed of a select group of high school students from the area, all of whom must pass a rigorous application process to prove their interest and enthusiasm for all things fashion.

katiefinal2“I’ve always loved fashion and being able to pick clothes for other people,” St. Charles said.  “And I’m beginning to realize how much I’d like to make a career out of it.  Hopefully, being a member of the Fashion Board at Nordstrom will give me the opportunity to learn more about how the industry works.”


The Nordstrom BP Fashion Board brings together high school students from around the country, serving as an introduction into the world of design for young entrepreneurs who hope to someday enter the fashion business.  The group meets every month, providing members with time to discuss the latest trends and meet with fashion insiders from the Nordstrom chain.  They are taught the ins and outs of techniques like trend forecasting and retail marketing, and are given the chance to learn about the history of fashion in a group setting that brings together teenagers of all ages and backgrounds.

St. Charles applied for the position earlier this spring, and was granted an exclusive interview opportunity with the head of the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board.  To be considered for the Board, she was asked to put together a project that incorporated her love of fashion in a creative way that convinced board directors she has what it takes to be a member.

“Before the interview, I put together a sort of scrapbook that was reflective of my favorite styles,” St. Charles said.  “I included everything from some of my celebrity inspirations like Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs, to the outfits worn by my friends.  I’ve got a fashion sense that doesn’t gravitate towards any style in particular, so it was a bit difficult to settle on my favorites!”


St. Charles has been involved in McNick’s art program since the beginning of her freshman year, when she opted to take Foundation Art as an elective.  She will be finishing up her sophomore year by completing Ceramics I.  Having taken a keen interest in the art of fashion design, Katie hopes to turn her passion for art into a career.

“I’m really looking forward to the board meetings because I’ll be learning more about how to accomplish what I want to do with my life, and getting some more direction that I hope will guide me towards the right college and career,” St. Charles said.  “I’m also excited about having the opportunity to help make decisions for my favorite store and meet more people my age who are interested in fashion.  I can already tell it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind experience!”

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