Senior volunteers over 200 hours at Academy of World Languages

Senior Max Havlis has volunteered over 200 service hours working with students at the Academy of World Languages.

The Academy of World Languages is a magnet school in Evanston that educates students from many diverse backgrounds. They come from 84 different countries and speak over 60 languages. At least 40% of the students are learning English as their second language. Havlis goes once a week and works with the second grade class. He said found out about the Academy through his aunt, Sue Doll, who is an Intervention Specialist at the school.

Havlis says he has a really good experience working with the students, acting as a mentor and a tutor. “I tutor the kids in whatever subjects they need. A lot of time I’m helping them with math or going over flashcards” he said. “It’s nice to help the kids, because a lot of them don’t really have a role model to look up to.”

Doll said Havlis has made a difference in a lot of student’s lives through his work there. “Max is dedicated volunteer who shares his time and talents, and the students look forward to him visiting every week. Max has a spirit that reflects a positive attitude, not just a smile on his face but in the amount of effort and energy he has put forth.”

Havlis says he goes back every week not only because he enjoys his work as a tutor, but also because he feels he should be there for the students as a friend. “I know some of [the students] are too used to people leaving them. I stick around, because I want them to know that people care about them.”

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