A Letter from the Editor

Hey Rockets!

It’s been a great year; Paradise is paved, all of the fundraisers have been completed, and each sports season is coming to a close. We held our first home track meet, our theater department went to the state competition with their rendition of Is He Dead?, and Service Club and Ecology Club members participated in numerous community cleanups. But just like all good things, this year must come to an end.

As the Editor-in-Chief of the Milestone for the 2013-2014 school year, I am very excited to see the headlines that will make the McNicholas news in the future. I would like thank graduating editor Maddie Scott for her hard work and extend a special welcome to the students who will join our staff next year: Lauren Fisher, Nicholas Keri, Sarah Ruwe, Maddie Sorensen, Maddie Weir, and Hannah Van Zant.

Although you won’t be hearing from us over the next few months, we’re looking forward to covering the big headlines and hot topics at McNicholas. For now Rockets, enjoy your summer. You deserve it.

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