McNicholas offers study abroad program

During the summer of 2014, McNicholas High School will offer a chance for students to study abroad. Fine Arts Department Chair Mel Gaskins has been working since January to arrange a program in which students, as well as their parents, will have the opportunity to travel to Spain, France, and Italy, to study art and architecture.
“The goal is to open up doors in the minds of the students and let them live as global citizens,” Gaskins explained. Gaskins became interested in setting up a program like this through her own experience in foreign countries. She studied in Mexico, Rome, and England during her years as a college student. Gaskins said the study abroad program offers life experience and allows students to see the world in an educational setting.
“Learning is more than just inside a classroom,” Gaskins said. “Seeing iconic works of art changes your perspective entirely.” The itinerary includes Avignon, Madrid; Trevi Fountain in Rome; and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
While some students may wish to use this cultural experience for enjoyment purposes only, others can choose to put in extra work to receive a half credit in Art & Architecture. At the end of the trip, students wishing to earn the credit will be asked to complete an additional project.
An initial meeting was held on Sept. 10 for interested students and parents. The final price is $3995 and interested students and parents can still register or access more information by emailing Gaskins at

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