Junior earns spot in All-state Choir

Junior Allie O’Keefe earned a position in the Ohio All–state Choir after recording and delivering an audition tape to the Ohio Musical Education Association in August.

The Ohio Musical Education Association (OMEA) is one of the 52 branches of NafMe, the National Association for Music Education. Members of OMEA come from all levels of musical education, which range from public schools to universities from all over Ohio. Thousands of high school students audition each year hoping to become a member of the All-state choir. According to the OMEA website, the goal of the program is “to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all.”

“I honestly didn’t realize how big of a deal the OMEA All-state Choir was or how many people would be applying,” O’Keefe said. “Even though I knew there was a chance of not making it into the choir, it didn’t stop me from wanting to audition.”

Following the making of her audition tape, O’Keefe registered for the choir. She was then accepted. The next step for O’Keefe will be to attend several local choir practices. In February, she will attend two days’ worth of rehearsals, with a concert following the third day.

On her audition tape, O’Keefe performed the song, “Wayfaring Stranger,” as well as a few warm up scales. O’Keefe and Mr. Chris Albanese, the McNicholas choral director as well as O’Keefe’s private music teacher, will continue to work together in preparation for her role in the choir.

“Allie’s strong work ethic will help her in being an integral part of this ensemble,” Albanese said. “She will show up to her first rehearsal in Columbus with her music prepared, ready to make music.”

O’Keefe has been an active member of the McNicholas Liturgy Choir for three years. She has been involved in all of the plays and musicals produced by McNicholas and is a member of both the McNicholas thespian troupe and the newly-organized performance troupe.

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