McNicholas should welcome the new system of late arrival

With the recent change from early dismissal to late arrival for faculty meetings, many students wonder why the change was made. The new system does not hold the same benefits as early dismissal, but it does hold possibilities for ways to start the day. If students stop and give it a chance, they might learn to love it for reasons they never would have known.

Senior Christi Swing described her class’s response to the system as ‘distasteful.’ “Most of my classmates complained about how dumb late arrival is and how they would rather have an early dismissal than have to reset their alarms,” Swing said.

Junior Hope Wilson said, “I think my class was bummed because we don’t get to leave school early, but when they realized we get to sleep in, I think they liked the idea of late arrival”.

Since many don’t drive yet, a majority of the freshman and sophomore students have no choice but to abide by their parents’ schedules and be dropped off at the normal school time. Though they have to wait the extra hour and 15 minutes before school starts, many appreciate the extra time.

“I like [the late arrival] because I like to take time in the morning to get everything organized and ready, and [the late arrival] gives me a chance to do this,” freshman Alessia Accordino said.

The system of early dismissal has reaped many benefits in the past, such as grabbing lunch with friends after school or getting a head start on homework, saving the rest of the evening for relaxing, but there is no question that late arrival has its fair share of beneficial assets.

Principal Patty Beckert provided further proof of benefits to the system of late arrival. In Beckert’s opinion, the new system benefits both teachers and students.

“Teachers can hold each other accountable for a set beginning and end time,” Beckert said. “If they have family or coaching commitments, or they are a moderator of a club, then there is time available for that after school.”

Late arrival should be the perfect way to start the day. With this new system, students can catch up on some extra sleep, which is something many might feel deprived of, given the nightly load of homework.

“In another school I tried the late arrival because it kept a good time frame around meetings I was holding,” Beckert said. “[It has a] definite start and a definite finish.”

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