Rockets for Life host pro-life cupcake day

CupcakesOn Wednesday, Oct. 19, the McNicholas High School Rockets for Life Club aimed to raise awareness for pro-life efforts by baking cupcakes for the student body.  Approximately 400 cupcakes, each decorated with a symbol representative of the Christian faith, were handed out during both lunch bells.

“The goal is to get more awareness of what is going on every single day; babies are being killed against their and God’s will,” junior Maggie Sheehan said.  “McNick’s Respect Life Club found out about National Cupcake Day a few months ago and decided that we wanted to participate.”

The event was inspired by Cupcakes for Life, a non-profit pro-life organization with a mission to “stand up for life with an approach that opens the door for conversation and education in a loving, warm, non-hostile way.”  The organization aims to use cupcakes as a way to approach people in a non-confrontational manner that promotes conversation and opens the door for understanding  that life should be valued from conception to natural death.

McNick’s respect life club, Rockets for Life, summed up the day’s mission in a short statement  issued with every cupcake: “Cupcakes were designed with birthdays in mind.  However, not every child is allowed to be born.  We don’t think it’s fair that one out of four children is denied a birthday because of abortion.  For this reason we decided to pick a day to recognize those babies by giving away free cupcakes.  By giving out cupcakes we can remind people in a nice, loving way that many babies never get to have a birthday, blow out candles, open presents, or eat cake.”

October was declared by the Catholic Church to be known as ‘Respect Life Month’, and all around the United States, pro-life groups are coming together in an attempt to reverse the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade.  Each year in January, members of Rockets for Life Club rally together and make the journey to Washington, D.C. to participate in the annual March for Life.  Last year, 63 members of the McNicholas student body attended the trip, accompanied by 4 faculty members.

This is the first time that McNick has participated in National Pro-Life Cupcake Day, an event that proved to be successful given the dense crowd of students surrounding the back counter of the cafeteria.

“We aren’t just handing them away,” Sheehan said.  “We want to start conversations with other students and let them know what is going on and how we can make a difference.”

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