Like that? Listen to this: The Milestone reviews similar sounds

Listening to music is a huge part of life, and it’s easy to grow tired of what’s on the radio. In the music world today, bands and singers are popping up every day and sometimes don’t ever get the media’s attention.  Instead of growing bored with your favorite artists, try these similar sounds that are sure to become favorites on your playlist.

Like the Killers? Listen to Walk the Moon

The Killers are a classic favorite with a lead singer who has a strong, distinct voice accompanied by a strong bass element to tie the sounds together. Like the Killers, Walk the Moon is an all-boy band, but it has an alternative twist: All are Cincinnati natives, and lead singer Nicholas Petricca has a calm and smooth voice that is able to hit high notes that go perfectly with the higher tuned guitar.

Walk the Moon, whose trademark is brightly colored face paint, is currently working on a new album, but in the meantime, they have their debut album Tightrope EP, which features their most well-known song “Anna Sun.” To listen to Walk the Moon’s most successful song, “Anna Sun,” and see the painting tradition come alive, click here.

Like Rihanna?  Listen to Lorde

Rihanna, whose songs range from hip hop to pop, is a solo singer whose music ranges from slow tempo to ballads. Her voice is what others recognize, no matter which genre it falls into. Lorde brings these elements to the table, while also having a voice that sounds rich beyond her 16 years. In addition, she writes all of her own music. It’s refreshing to hear the voice of a singer who is not overproduced and filled with auto tune. Another unique feature of Lorde is that she was signed as an artist three years ago at age 13 by Universal Studio.

In the U.S., Lorde’s hit song “Royals” reached number one on both the alternative and rock charts. She is having even more success in New Zealand, her native country. Her 2013 album, the Love Club, hit the number one spot in both New Zealand and Australia. Her fame in foreign countries is large, and with the effect that “Royals” had on the US, her fame here will surely rise. Click here to listen to “Royals,” Lorde’s song that reached the number one spot in America.

Like Imagine Dragons? Listen to American Authors

Imagine Dragons has been gaining fame recently with its techno-sounding hit, “Radioactive.”  Their songs cover a broad range from intense alternative to softer songs, like “On Top of the World.”  For those who enjoy non-mainstream pop sounding music that is more fast-paced and upbeat, listen to American Authors. They bring forth the pop sound but with catchy lyrics and tunes that are sure to remain in your head. The lyrics in songs have a deeper meaning, which is more exhilarating than listening to the average pop song.

American Authors signed with Island Records in 2012, and released hit singles like “Best Day of my Life” and “Believer.” Click here to listen to “Best Day of my Life.”  Just this year, they released their debut album, which is likely to be as successful as the songs prior.

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