Turn off the screen for these new book releases

This year’s National Teen Read Week, themed “Seek the Unknown,” was Oct. 13-19. This week is set aside each year to encourage teenagers to read for their own enjoyment rather than for academic purposes.

Many books have recently been released that may be of interest to students. Rainbow Rowell’s highly anticipated Fangirl was published Sep. 10. To the novel’s main character Cath, Simon Snow, a popular series similar to J.K. Rowlings’s Harry Potter, is her entire life. Fangirl is a lighthearted book about growing up and letting go when it’s time to move on. Library Assistant Jane Ray felt this story was different from most young adult literature.

“It was very interesting to have a look into the world of fan fiction,” she said. Fangirl is one of many new releases available in the McNicholas library.

Readers who are inclined towards trilogies can look to The Burning Sky, the first book in an elemental trilogy by Sherry Thomas, which was released Sep. 17. In this young adult fantasy, 16 year-old Iolanthe must defeat a tyrant to save The Realm. The Burning Sky is long but interesting all the way through.

On Sep. 24, Mindy McGinnis’ Not a Drop to Drink was released. Not a Drop to Drink’s Lynn trusts no one and viciously defends her rare source of water. Over time though, she befriends a young girl who teaches her to live for others, not just herself.

Percy Jackson fans are thrilled about the release of the next book in Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series. The new book, entitled House of Hades follows the third book, The Mark of Athena. In this novel, the demigods must seal the Doors of Death and escape safely. Ray highly recommends the series to those who haven’t read it before.

“[Riordan’s] writing style is perfect in drawing you in and keeping you immersed in his world of fantasy,” Ray said.

Riordan’s characters may be demigods, but their flaws make them relatable. Pages are filled with action rather than lengthy descriptions. House of Hades was released Oct. 8.

Reality Boy by A.S. King was released on Oct. 22. In this book, a 17-year-old former child star struggles to not let his rage consume him. Angry at the world for watching his every move growing up, Gerald has no one to relate to. Despite the entire world waiting for him to fall apart, he creates new opportunities for himself to find peace.

Whether students realize it or not, they’re reading all the time. They read Facebook statuses, tweets, and texts from friends, but they’re always staring at screens. Reading an actual book is entertainment in a different way that can be entertaining as well. Fortunately for students, McNick’s library is updated and filled with numerous popular young adult novels. “When you’re tired of looking at screens, picking up a book is a nice break,” said Librarian and Webmaster Anne Jones.

Leave your favorite book recommendation in the comments below!

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