Do it Yourself Costumes: Halloween the Fun Way

While the anticipation for the fun of trick or treating grows stronger as we near Halloween night, the anxiety for the hunt of the perfect costume rises as well.  With a new swarm of popular costumes, such as characters from Breaking Bad, Duck Dynasty, and Despicable Me , it is important that one’s costume stands out from the rest.  Luckily, prospective trick-or-treaters need to look no further for a costume that is bound to grab attention.

Bag of Jelly Beans

One way to gain attention while walking the streets on trick or treat night is to dress up as a bag of jellybeans.  This is a very simple costume, using commonly found items: trash bag, paper, and mulit-colored balloons. To make this costume, one must wear a clear trash bag over their midsection with holes inserted for limbs and the neck.  Next, a pack of blown up multicolored balloons should be placed inside the trash bag to give the visual of a bag of colorful jellybeans.  For added authenticity, print the Jelly Belly logo and tape it to the front of the trash bag.


Another last minute costume that will appeal to any trick-or-treater’s appetite for fun is a frosted cupcake.  One way to complete this costume is to either purchase or scavenge around the house for a large lampshade, and wrap a solid colored blanket loosely around your body.  Suspenders can be used to hold the lampshade in place, or if you cannot use a lampshade, folded construction paper might work just as well.  For an extra touch,  purchase multicolored foam stickers or pom pom balls to place around the blanket.  A cherry can be added on top of the head by using a red balloon, and a pipe cleaner can act as a stem.

Starbucks Coffee

Coffee from Starbucks can be a great refresher, but can also a comfortable costume for the chilly night.  One can dress as a Starbucks coffee cup by purchasing or finding a laundry bag in their home and wearing it around their midsection.  White cloth can be wrapped around the top of the laundry bag and  placed on top of the head to act as foam.   Green construction paper can be rolled and glued to the top of the foam placed on the head to look as if there is a straw protruding from the foam.  A Starbucks logo can be drawn on separate paper and glued to the front of the laundry bag to give the full appearance of a coffee cup.


One extremely simple costume idea is the mummy.  One will need either rolls of toilet paper or gauze to wrap continuously around the body, revealing only the eyes or the face.  Several pieces of toilet paper or gauze should be left hanging off the limbs and torso to give the visual of a mummy slowly becoming unwrapped over time.

Ice Cream Sandwich

One extremely simple costume that is both adorable and tasteful is an ice cream sandwich.  For this costume to be constructed, it will need brown poster board (or white poster board painted brown), black paint, white tissue paper, and a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants of the color you desire the flavor of “ice cream” to be.  To assemble, cut the poster board into two equal rectangular parts and place one on the front and back of the torso.  Use the black paint to paint dots to give the effect of indentations in the chocolate.  The string is used to tie the two pieces together at each shoulder and at the bottom corners.  Wrap the white tissue paper around the bottom of each board, so it looks like the ice cream sandwich is being unwrapped. After putting on a solid colored sweatpants and sweatshirt combination, the paper suit can be slipped over the top of the outfit.



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