English Department holds annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The annual English Department Pumpkin Decorating Contest was held on Thursday, Oct. 31.  Junior Michelle Hollenkamp won first place, junior Trevor Lynd won second place, and junior Alana Osterday won third place.

The object of the competition is to choose a literary character and decorate a pumpkin representing that character. Students could decorate them in any way they pleased, but carving was not allowed. The pumpkins were judged on creativity, originality, and effort.

This contest tradition was created 15 years ago by former English teacher Anne Jones during her first year at McNicholas. Jones claims that Halloween is her favorite holiday and she thought the contest would be a fun way to incorporate literature into the holiday.

Hollenkamp, who has won the past three years, made her pumpkins into characters from the classic childhood story Where the Wild Things Are. She created her six pumpkins in only two days. “[Where the Wild Things Are] was my favorite book as a child,” Hollenkamp said. “Creating it allowed me to bring back the great memories I had while reading it.”

Lynd modeled his pumpkin after the submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. “I picked the submarine because I thought it was something that could be made easily and accurately, and because it was a unique idea.” Osterday created her pumpkin into the rooster Chanticleer from The Canterbury Tales. The winners received gift cards to Barnes & Noble for their efforts.


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