McNicholas hosts National French Week

National French Week was celebrated this year during the week of Nov. 4. It is celebrated across the nation, making it no exception that McNicholas High School chose to participate as well.

One of the projects for the week included French students completing reports for the week. French I  reported on Paris monuments, French II researched French inventors and inventions, and French III completed reports on countries where French is spoken. Each student presented his or her findings in class.

Each day, two French students said the morning prayer in French for the announcements.  A trivia contest was also held each morning, with a box of croissants as the prize. During Block Days, all French students enjoyed genuine French cuisine, like crepes, mini Rochers, Nutella, and croissants.

After the French cuisine celebration, each class also participated in their own McNick version of the Tour de France, where students were put into teams and competed in a bike race in Paradise. The winners posed for a picture with a fake Maillot Jaune, the famous yellow jersey that the winners of the actual Tour de France are awarded. The winners were sophomore Chris Wells, junior Heather Myers, freshman Sarah Bradley, and sophomore Mitch Bruns.

Wells said this was his second year participating and winning the Tour de France. He also loved participating in the activities. “French Week is a really cool way to take a break from the usual rigors of high school for one period and learn more about France and experience French culture through delicious French food,” Wells said.

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, the French classes hosted a crepe breakfast. For $3, anyone could make their own crepe and top it with a variety of fruit, Nutella, whipped cream, or chocolate syrup. The classes raised approximately $300 to send to a charity that will be determined later.

French teacher Julie Dill was very excited to host this week for McNicholas High School. “It was fun to share all of this with the whole school. Spanish is the primary language taken at McNick, but I really wanted to show that French is just as valuable and is truly an international language,” Dill said.

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