Senior creates service group that goes beyond McNicholas

Most students at McNicholas are aware of the opportunities Service Club presents, but students do not often think of what they can do outside of the club. Senior Raven York has gone beyond that setting and started a group with the goal of giving back to the community without getting attention.

York’s group is separate from McNick’s long established Service Club. York hopes to include her own ideas and take on projects that Service Club does not. In addition to different objectives, this group volunteers solely to be philanthropic, as they do not accept service hours for their efforts.

“We do not receive service hours and we do not look for recognition for our work,” York said. “The point of this group is to give to the community without expecting anything in return.”

In early October, York decided to donate products that she took for granted to homeless shelters. She realized that if more people were involved, more could be accomplished and more of the needy could be helped. For their first project, the group donated goody bags to Drop In Center.

Future plans include gathering and donating necessities to those in need. Around Christmas, the group will be making bags filled toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, soap, and other items that most take for granted but are luxuries to many.

Since meetings are not weekly, they are easy to fit into a busy schedule. It’s not a school club, so it’s open to more than just McNick students. The group is always open to newcomers who are looking to help out their community.

“All this group consists of is giving for all the right reasons,” York said. “There’s no reason not to help out.”

For more information or to join, contact Raven York at

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