McNick athletes participate in Blast off Raffle

The McNicholas Athletic Boosters have organized the Blast off Raffle, a fundraiser that supports the athletic programs at McNick. The goal for the raffle is $40,000 and ticket sales run from Sept. 1 through May 23. Each athlete is expected to sell five chances, or tickets, by the end of his or her sports season. Chances are $20 each or 3 for $50.

Two and a half months into the raffle, the current top selling athlete is freshmen Jordan Minardi with a total of 16 chances sold. “Even though the volleyball season is over, I still plan on selling more tickets to support McNick’s athletics,” Minardi said

Athletic Booster member Jim Hay is confident that the students participating will reach the goal. “So far we have raised over $7,000; we are off and running but have a long way to go,” Hay said.

The fall sports programs have reached 10% of the goal so far. Hay encourages athletes to continue selling chances to meet the goal. “As a student athlete, this is the most important thing you can do to support your team after keeping your grades up and practicing hard,” Hay said.

On May 30, three winners will be chosen.  Since it is a “Split the Pot” style raffle, third place receives 3% percent of the total, second place receives 7% percent, and first place receives 40%. The other 50% of the earnings goes toward the sports programs. Before the big drawing, there are a few interim drawings for small prizes. Fifty dollars will be awarded to the winner of the December 25 drawing and $100 will be awarded to the winners of the March 19 and April 20 drawings.  The first early bird drawing was held Nov. 1 for $50.

For more information, contact Jim Hay at 513-236-7609 or

Click here for more information on the Blast off Raffle


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