Woodruff nominated for Janitor of the Year

McNicholas maintenance man Mike Woodruff has been nominated for the Cintas Corporation’s Janitor of the Year. The voting opened on Nov. 8 and closes on Dec. 2. The winner will be announced on Feb. 28, 2014. The prize is $2,500 worth of Cintas services for the school and $2,500 to the winner of the contest. The competition, held on a national level, was discovered by teacher Val Combs, who was the first of many to nominate him.

“I heard about the competition on the radio on my drive into work one day, and I instantly thought of Mr. Woodruff,” Combs said. “If there’s anyone deserving of the award, it’s him.”

Woodruff has worked for the school for over 20 years. Spanish teacher Tracey Canisalez said that his contributions to the school cannot be matched. “He comes to school every day and genuinely cares about the McNick community,” Canisalez said. “He is a friendly, helpful, hardworking person.”

The national competition is sponsored by Cintas, a Cincinnati based company, but only one other finalist of the 10 chosen is from the Cincinnati area. The other entries come from states including New York, Georgia, and Nevada. Combs said she will continue to vote until Dec. 2, when the contest is over. Click here to cast a vote. Also, to cast a vote, voters must select a Cintas service for the school. For McNick, voters should select restroom supplies, cleaning chemicals, and tile and carpet cleaning.

“Just keep voting,” Combs said. “Regardless of the outcome, this recognition that he is getting is what he deserves, but I predict that the McNick community will pull through and bring him home a win.”

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