Smaller liberal arts schools often overlooked by seniors

Small liberal arts universities are often overlooked when seniors are deciding on a college to attend. Students often think that these small liberal arts universities offer a limited number of minors and majors.  These schools have a great atmosphere for learning, and the education is rigorous, just like it is at big name universities.

McNicholas Guidance Counselor Matt Wehrman stresses the need to pick a college that is the best fit for the student.

“Depending on what the student is looking for in the atmosphere of the college they wish to attend, they may be more inclined to choose one school over another. Each student has his or her own interests and preferences,” Wehrman said.

Senior Claire Kennedy already knows what kind of school she wants to attend. She claims to prefer liberal arts colleges because of the learning environment.

“I want to go to a liberal arts college because of the learning environment,” Kennedy said.  “The classroom sizes are small, and I feel like I will learn better with a smaller size class versus a large class size.”

Liberal arts colleges and universities are often a top choice for those students who prefer a smaller classroom environment.

“Liberal arts universities are known for their small class sizes and the close student-teacher ratios.  Smaller schools tend to have smaller class sizes, which can often lend towards more one-on-one learning opportunities with the professors,” Wehrman added.

Senior Margaret Beck has decided to attend the University of Cincinnati. She likes the broad choice in extra-curricular activities and majors that they offer.

“A bigger school means more people and more diversity and sometimes liberal arts schools don’t offer all the courses bigger universities do,” Beck said.  “There are more opportunities compared to a liberal arts college.”

Many students think that big name universities are the only colleges that offer a broad spectrum of opportunities.  Kennedy has researched multiple liberal arts universities and found that some offer just as many opportunities.

“The liberal arts universities I am looking at have just as many opportunities offered as Ohio University does. There are so many majors and extra-curriculars offered. I never realized this until I actually looked it up,” Kennedy added.

Students should choose a college based off what they are interested in and not because of the name or how many of their friends are going.

“The important part about choosing the right college is really about what you are comfortable with, but also what schools have the better program they are looking for,” Wehrman said.


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