A Very Pinterest Christmas: Do it Yourself Holiday Gifts

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With Christmas just a few weeks away, people are scrambling to finish their Christmas shopping. Everyone is always anxious to find the perfect gifts that their friends and family will love. One of the best ways to make a gift special is to give a homemade gift, but in the past handmade gifts always seemed like daunting projects rather than fun crafts.  Thanks to the social media site Pinterest, it has never been easier to find fun and easy homemade gift ideas.

Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a cup of hot cocoa. That’s why this chocolate treat is great for gifts. Still, wrapping up a box of Swiss Miss doesn’t cut it. Jazz it up by building a snowman hot chocolate kit. It just takes three mason jars, filled with hot chocolate mix, small marshmallows, and peppermint. The cocoa and peppermints can also be replaced with white chocolate mix and lifesaver mints to make the snowman completely white. To decorate the snowman, use acrylic paints or sharpies to create the face and buttons, and use black felt to make a hat on the top jar. Finally, hot glue the jars together and tie a piece of fleece around the top two jars for a scarf.

A Cup of Cheer

Everyone needs a special Christmas mug to drink all that hot cocoa. Hand decorating a Christmas mug is a fun and easy way to give a personalized gift. Just buy a white ceramic cup and some sharpies in holiday colors like red, green, silver, gold, and black. Then decorate the white mug with festive designs, drawings of Christmas trees, or lyrics from a holiday song.

Pringles Can Cookie Container

It’s a common tradition to give baked goods as gifts at Christmas time, but why deliver them in a boring plastic container when there’s a way to wrap them up with a bow on top? Just wrap an empty Pringles can with Christmas themed wrapping paper and make sure to secure it with glue to make sure it doesn’t shift or rip. Then, make a batch of your friend’s favorite Christmas cookies, making sure they’re not too big to fit inside the can. When the cookies are done, stack them inside the Pringles can, pop the lid on, and tie a ribbon around the can to finish it off.

Snow Globe in a Jar

This is an easy homemade idea that’s simple to make. First, chose a Christmas related trinket to make the center of the snow globe, and glue this to the underside of the jar lid. While that’s drying, fill the jar with water. Distilled water works best to prevent air bubbles, but tap water works fine as well. Then, add a bit of baby oil to the water, which will help your snow float. Then, add white glitter to the jar for the snow. Finally, put a ring of hot glue around the inside edge of the jar lid, and carefully screw it onto the jar. Put another layer of hot glue around the lid for good measure, and flip the jar over so it rests on the lid. Now, just give it a shake, and the snow globe is complete.

Chocolate Spoons

These sweet stirring spoons are great for adding a little extra flavor to a cup of Christmas cocoa. Just get a few wooden or plastic spoons, chocolate chips for melting, and a variety of marshmallows, sprinkles, and mini candies. First, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave (30 seconds at a time until completely melted—stir after each 30 seconds to keep the chocolate from burning). Then, just stir the spoons around in the melted chocolate until it covers the top portion of the spoon. Quickly add some of the marshmallows or candies to the chocolate before it hardens, and when each one is finished, place it on a plate covered with wax paper. When the spoons are finished put the plate of spoons into the fridge so the chocolate will harden faster.

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