Turning the Dial: The Milestone uncovers radio stations to begin the day

During the morning drive to school or work, it’s often difficult not to fall into a dull routine day after day.  With an interesting radio show to tune into, what is heard to and from a destination can add enjoyment to a journey by providing laughter, great music, or even topics to think about through the day.  Though widely-known stations such as Kiss 107 add a source of entertainment and top 40 hits, much more can be found by simply turning the dial.

The Project 100.7, 106.3

The Project serves as a prominent listener deciding station with a strong following due to their unique playlists and large variety of music. The station has a direct connection with listeners, who comment and request music they wish to hear on their playlist.  This station is ideal for anyone who enjoys the alternative sound and artists ranging from Neighbourhood to Fitz and the Tantrums, Smashing Pumpkins to The Black Keys.  The Project is also unique in its way of getting straight to the music and leaving the usual morning dialogue out of the show, which is appreciated by many and is unique to other radio morning shows.

WNKU “Public Radio That Rocks” 105.9, 104.1, 89.7

This station offers a much more adult alternative sound, featuring left-of-center artists who may never be heard on any other channel.  Genres of bluegrass, blues, rock and roll, and even country are combined in the vast sound of this station, giving a refreshing listen every time.  The morning program, named “Morning Drive,” updates listeners frequently throughout songs with local updates, traffic, weather, and news from NPR (National Public Radio).

WGRR Cincinnati’s Greatest Hits 103.5

WGRR satisfies the music tastes of classic rock and old hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  The morning talk show hosts, Chris and Janeen, inform listeners of traffic and weather alerts while discussing entertaining topics circling the media.  Artists ranging from The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith to The Allman Brothers and The Eagles are often heard on this station.


Intertwining modern country hits with entertaining dialogue, B105 stays true to its country roots while making the drive to school much more enjoyable.  The morning show, ‘Chris Carr and Company’ is a source of entertainment for those who love to laugh and enjoy topics of romantic disasters and embarrassing moments in life.  Listeners who add to the conversation are a large factor in what makes this show entertaining by either their humorous stories or off-beat remarks on topics.  The jovial spirits of the morning and evening show hosts were recognized and resulted in their two-time CMA nominations.  Artists ranging from Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan to Brad Paisley and Eric Church are played, as well as many other top-rated country artists.

WKRQ Cincinnati’s Q102 101.9

Q102 offers a mixture of the top 40 hits and friendly conversation amongst friends.  The morning show consists of the program ‘Jeff and Jen’, featuring Jeff, Jen, and Fritch who add an extra bit of entertainment.  Conversation drifts from entertainment news, to weather and traffic alerts around the Cincinnati area, and friendly topics which can be added by callers, making the conversation much more entertaining.  Artists ranging from the very different sounds of Katy Perry to Mumford & Sons are heard often on the show.

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