Game themes empower students and athletes

Sporting events are always full of intensity, whether it be from the coaches, the players, or the spectators. One of key parts of attending a game at McNicholas High School is the theme that goes along with it. Themes can excite the fans and unify them.  Spirit Club co-presidents, seniors Laura Garrison and Scott Frenzel, work with the rest of the club during their meetings to plan themes for each game.

“The Spirit Club comes up with five or six theme ideas for each event and then vote on it. The winner is what’s chosen as the theme,” Garrison said.

“Some of the most successful themes this year were the Christmas theme and the American theme. Another fan favorite is the beach theme,” Frenzel said.

Not only do the themes empower the spectators, the athletes also get pumped up. “Seeing all of the Launch Pad dressed up in different themes every week and fired up to see us play makes the basketball team and me excited to play in front of them,” said senior member of the varsity basketball team, Dave Holmes. “It’s something that we look forward to.”

Garrison was tight-lipped about future game themes during the basketball season.  “You will just have to wait and see, as well as attend the sporting events,” Garrison said. She also highly recommended that students who wish to get more involved consider joining Spirit Club.


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