Mock Trial to debate in District Competition

On Friday, Jan. 31, around 3,500 students, including several from McNicholas, will be debating constitutional rights in the District Mock Trial Competition at the Hamilton County Court House.

Every year, the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education (OCLRE) creates a fictional case for students to improve critical reading skills and acquire an understanding of court proceedings and the Constitution. This year, students will be interpreting the Fourth and Fifth Amendments in a question of a student’s right to protest.

Mock Trial practices began in October. They learned about the case and began to write direct question, cross examination questions, opening statements, and closing statements. Once the writing is complete, they begin to practice the trial. Each season, the team meets after school at least once a week for up to four months to prepare.

Junior Reagen Powers has been on the team for three years. “I love Mock Trial because we work really hard all season just for that one trial,” Powers said. “When we finish the trial, the amount of accomplishment I feel is always worth the work from the beginning.”

Mock Trial Moderator Frank Lowden said, “Everything Mock Trial does for these students is immeasurable.”


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