McNick welcomes new Student-Teacher

student teacher
Starting at the beginning of the 2nd semester, McNicholas welcomed a new student teacher, Mr. Evan DiTullio. He is working with Mr. Frank Lowden’s Modern American History classes for sophomores and Economics class for juniors. He has already taken over as the primary teacher for Modern American History and is working into teaching Economics. Lowden said he is easing him into Economics

“It’s a gradual process for both, but especially in Econ. He has been doing the grading, making the lesson plans, and recently he took over teaching in Econ,” Lowden said.

DiTullio graduated from St. Xavier High School in 2001, and earned his undergraduate degree from Northern Kentucky University in 2008. He is currently earning his Master’s Degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis on Social Studies from the College of Mount St. Joseph, which he will be completing in August. He became interested in teaching while working at Anderson High School.

“I was the Tech Director at Anderson High School, and I really enjoyed working with the students, so I wanted to get into that full-time, so I went back to earn my Master’s,” DiTullio said. He will be working with Lowden’s students until Mid-April, for a total of approximately 12 weeks. He said that coming into his time here, he knew very little about McNick.

“I knew where it was and that it was a private school. After that I knew pretty much knew nothing about it. I’ve been very impressed with the students. They’re all very positive, bright students. No bad experiences at all so far,” DiTullio said.

DiTullio is looking forward to his time at McNick and is very appreciative of how he’s been received. “I just want to thank McNick for the welcome that I’ve received,” he said.

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