Penny Day earnings benefit many

For the past 15 years, Penny Day has been a tradition at McNicholas High School. Introduced by Religion teacher Sam Roflow, the fundraiser has raised over $90,000 over the years for multiple organizations. The money benefits struggling McNicholas families and Catholic elementary schools in inner city Cincinnati in need of financial assistance. “As the collection grew, we began saving some of the funds for emergency situations such as gift cards for financially struggling families,” Roflow said. “We have also added to some scholarship funds.”

With the collection growing, Roflow decided to expand upon whom McNick’s money reaches. Recently, the Penny Day contributions have been donated to support St. Joseph’s elementary school located in downtown Cincinnati. The main target for the earnings goes to St. Joseph’s and St. Marks.

This year, McNick raised about $6,000. Senior Service Club member Hanna Gonce has participated in Penny Day for all four years at McNick. “I love participating in Penny Day because it helps kids from McNick and from a school that needs our financial help,” Gonce said.

Roflow believes this fundraiser is helping McNick Students attain full stature in Christ. “Part of the way we journey on the path to ‘attaining full stature in Christ’ is care for our sisters and brothers in need.” Roflow stated.

“This day is the only day of the school year where we focus our attention on others completely.”

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