Five ways to beat the third quarter slump

The third quarter is the time of the school year when it’s hardest to get school work done. It’s cold and gloomy outside, the material is more challenging and won’t ease up until fourth quarter, and it seems that nothing new is ever going to happen. Schoolwork might be boring, but third quarter is no less important than the rest of the year. By taking responsibility or downloading an app or two, you can keep (or bring) your grades up.

Accept that schoolwork is not the most compelling thing you’ll ever do.

This doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. If you’re being assigned something in school, it probably means you’ll need the information somewhere down the line.

Give yourself earlier deadlines.

It’s easy to put off projects until the day before they’re due. To lessen the burden of procrastination, write down a due date that’s earlier than the one your teacher has given you. This way, it’s done before it’s due and you have time to improve it before you turn it in.

Break up bigger projects into smaller parts.

Big projects can be overwhelming. Instead of tackling it all at once, split up the assignment into more manageable pieces.

Close the time-wasting websites.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are especially appealing when you have a 3-page paper due the next day. Recognizing that these websites aren’t helping you finish your essay is a big step in actually finishing your essay. If this is difficult, apps like StayFocusd (Google Chrome extension) and SelfControl (Mac application) will block or limit the amount of time you spend on certain websites.

Find what works for you.

The best way to do this is by trial and error. Don’t panic if something doesn’t work. Try something else.

“Just because one thing works for a lot of people doesn’t mean it will work for you,” Guidance Counselor Matt Wehrman said.

Need more ways to stay motivated? Check out this short video and this article from the online blog Unclutterer.

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