Students’ Bands participate in Madison Theater Band Challenge

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Two bands comprised of McNicholas students have advanced in the Madison Theater Band Challenge. The bands are entering the Semi-Finals, which is the third round of competition. The competition, which began in early January, will continue the through March.

The first of the two bands to advance is Finished Falling, who will be performing on Feb. 28. The band, formed in late 2012 includes brothers senior Zach and junior Nate Hazzard and junior Eric Frey.

“We had been in bands previously with other drummers, but we asked Eric to start jamming with us and eventually it turned into an official band,” Nate said. Nate is the band’s bass player and primary writer for their music. Zach plays lead guitar, and Frey plays the drums. The three of them agree on their style: “A mixture of punk and hard rock,” Nate said. Zach added they’re “a fast-based rock.”
The other band to advance is Spear Point, who will be performing on March 1. Junior Augie Giambrone is the only McNick student in the band. The band was formed four years ago when a friend asked him to join. Giambrone plays guitar and is one of the writers. They have performed in numerous competitions, including Anderson’s Got Talent, which they won and collected a prize of $1,000. They hope the band will continue on after high school.

“We’re hoping to find a record deal, hopefully before we leave for college,” Giambrone said.
The Madison Theater Band Challenge is a multi-stage competition, with the Feb. 28/ March 1 competition being the semi-finals. Advancement is based half on the vote of the fans and half on the vote of the judges at the event. Students are encouraged to attend; tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door. For more information, visit the Madison Theater Band Challenge webpage.

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