Freshman takes on role of McNicholas weatherman

McNicholas freshman Jacob Robb has a clear plan for his future. His goal is to someday be a meteorologist for the National Weather service. Robb decided on this plan as a sixth grader at St. Veronica elementary school.

For as long as he can remember, he has enjoyed watching the weather channel and predicting what was to come. “When I was younger, something about the weather sparked an interest,” Robb said. “Whenever there was a storm, instead of being scared of the thunder I researched it.”

Robb created a website that he updates daily and even sends out personal alerts to fellow students, friends and teachers. So far Robb texts weather alerts to approximately 50 people. He updates his website and sends out alerts before 7:30 a.m. each day.

“In the morning at breakfast I type up the forecast for my website and send out daily weather forecasts, warnings, and school closings to my subscribers,” Robb said.

Robb plans on majoring in meteorology and would prefer to work at the Wilmington National Weather Service. He enjoys researching local weather, and he would like to stay local when he becomes a meteorologist. Robb’s favorite local meteorologist is Steve Raleigh on WCPO Channel 9 news.  Robb aspires to be a chief meteorologist like Raleigh.

According to Robb, this winter has been more active than the last two winters. His upcoming weather forecasts luckily are no longer including snow.  “The upcoming weather will remain mild and continue to get warmer,” Robb said. To sign up for Robb’s alerts or to subscribe to his website, visit

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