McNicholas admires Pope Francis

In Mar. 2014, it will be a year since Pope Francis was chosen. Pope Francis has had a huge impact on the Catholic Church and the world. People of all religions love and adore him for his humble personality. Pope Francis has warmed the hearts of McNicholas High School.

Religion teacher Theresa Davis admires his simplicity and efforts to be a follower of Jesus. “.  He chose simple garments, chose simple prayers, and wanted to be with God’s people,” Davis said. “He has shown me all the way from Rome by his actions what it means to be a follower of Jesus.”

Pope Francis is always with the people whether it’s spending his birthday with the homeless or blessing the disabled and children. He genuinely shows what love is through his actions. Pope Francis meets with leaders of all religions to gain a better understanding and to improve the global church.

Senior Christi Swing is impressed by Pope Francis and admires his humbleness. “Pope Francis is just what the Catholic Church needs. By his words and actions he is showing the whole world how to be a better person,” Swing said. “We as Catholics could have not asked for a better leader.”

Religion teacher John Norman admires the time Pope Francis takes to be with the poor and sick. “I admire Pope Francis because he shows compassion to the poor, the sick, and the outcasts,” Norman said. “He seems comfortable being with the people.”

As the 1 year anniversary of Pope Francis being elected approaches, the people of the church wonder about the future. Pope Francis has created an advisory board of Church leaders from around the world.  Pope Francis wants the leader’s wisdom.  “This demonstrates humility on the part of our Pope, as he wants the counsel of others,” Norman concluded.

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