Spend some green to get some green: Rocket Shop items students should be buying

Whether a new student is shopping for Rocket gear for the coming school year or returning students are looking to spice up their wardrobe for game days, the Rocket Shop is sure to deliver. The shop has expanded greatly over this past year and now offers a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and memorabilia.  Here are the top ten Rocket Shop products every McNicholas student should have in his or her closet:

  1. Tervis Tumbler Cup – They’re sold at Target, they’re sold at Starbucks, and now they’re sold at the Rocket Shop. This well-insulated 16 ounce cup is sure to keep your drinks at the preferable temperature, as cold drinks will be protected from losing heat and the warmth from hot drinks such as tea or hot chocolate is kept inside the cup. As if this isn’t enough, it comes with the classic McNicholas ‘M’ insignia and a sealable lid to prevent spills, making it easy to transport.
  2. Umbrella – Besides the obvious use of blocking out rain, this item could be useful in preventing sunburns and undesired tan lines at games. Prop it up and relax on the sidelines of the field instead of trying to stand for three hours straight on the bleachers.
  3. Playing Cards – McNicholas has kings, queens, and class clowns, and now it has its very own playing cards with those characters too. Carrying a deck around is a great way to pass time during lunch or while waiting for a ride after school, and the owner is likely to make a few new friends in the process.
  4. Fleece headband – The crowd is going wild, and you’re trying to focus on the game, but all you can think about is how cold your ears are. We’ve all been there before. Don’t let chilly nights keep you from attending away games and supporting your fellow Rockets. This headband, which comes in silver and green, is guaranteed to keep the cold away and show school spirit.
  5. License plate frame – Many upperclassmen cars have a McNicholas sticker or two on the back window, and more students are starting to buy license plate holders as well.  This new way to show school pride is also a convenient way for students to identify a member of their Rocket family, whether it is on the highway or in a parking lot.
  6. Windbreaker – As one of the most popular additions to the Rocket Shop this year, the windbreaker jacket has the perfect material for fall and spring. Students’ closets are probably already overflowing with McNick uniform-approved sweatshirts, but this jacket will mix things up and offer a new article to wear to campus events.
  7. Water resistant jacket – With Ohio’s unpredictable weather, one can never be too sure of weather changes. This jacket is sure to protect against pop up rain showers that are known to plague fields during springtime baseball and softball games. Plus, it’s not a rare occurrence to experience all four seasons in one week in Cincinnati, so it never hurts to be too prepared.
  8. Bracelet – While the dollar store offers green beaded necklaces to wear to games, it doesn’t compare to the jewelry the Rocket Shop offers. Handmade earrings are a newer product, as well as handmade bracelets. One can customize a bracelet with baseball, basketball, or football beads if they wish. If not, beads which spell out ‘rockets’ are offered as well.
  9. Wordle shirt – No, this isn’t mere fashion. There isn’t another McNick t-shirt that encompasses this many of the school’s clubs, teams, and organizations. Show some pride with this colorful shirt that is bound to spark conversation, and have fun trying to find all of the groups you’re a member of.
  10. Bag – Sure, you can take your new purse to the game, but is it really worth the risk of getting it muddy or dropping it in the bleachers?  The Rocket Shop now offers eco-friendly reusable bags to transport gear to and from games. Plus, this bag is a convenient and safe way to carry posters or art projects into school in the morning without crushing them. The handles make it easy to carry, but it can also be hung from the hooks in all school lockers.

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