Teacher’s love for plants keeps McNick green

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McNicholas has numerous features that make the school unique. Students attend class in a convent, travel to class via a glass hallway, and have Ms. Deb in the lunchroom. But perhaps one feature more unique than any of these is the plants that sit in every corner and hallway of the building. The plants, as many know, are maintained by math teacher Bill Losekamp.

The plants first entered the school eight years ago when Losekamp noticed potted plants at Coney Island not being used. After inquiring about their use, he learned that Coney was no longer going to use the plants, so he decided to take them for the school.

“The school had no plants before then, so I thought they would look good in the building, especially at this time, since it was just before Open House,” Losekamp said. Since then, the plants have grown in numbers. There are now around 30 plants in the school, not including the ones that are currently in his classroom. He waters them twice a week and has to care for them in other ways.

“Being in the school, they go through a lot of wear and tear, so I have to trim them and cut off dead pieces when needed.” He takes them home during the summertime and revives them. He also repots them once a year. Losekamp said that he puts so much work into them because they improve the school so much.

“I just think that it makes the school look much more lively and adds beauty to the building.”

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