Prom on a Budget: Tips to avoid breaking the bank this season

At McNick, there’s no question that dances such as Mardi Gras and prom prey on the easily- spent savings of many students.  But with the help of a few tricks, this season’s prom-goers can avoid breaking the bank.

For students planning to attend prom this year, there are several ways to avoid high expenses.   Girls spend their prom funds on the perfect dress, hair, nails, shoes and jewelry, while boys spend their money on a tuxedo, a vehicle, and dinner. According to ABC News, all these funds resulted in an average of $722 spent towards Prom in the Midwest in 2013.


When it comes to budgeting, prom dresses often end up at the top of the list for girls’ expenditures.  Scavenging early in the year before prom season can help to reduce costs, as can borrowing a dress that has already been worn by a friend or relative.  According to Pretty for Prom, the best way to go is to “wear inexpensive shoes (no one will see them if your dress is long, anyway), borrow jewelry from your mom or friends, and use a purse you already have.”


According to Daily Finance, a great alternative to taking a stretch limo is to take a taxi.  If expenses for transportation want to be as nearly avoided as possible, there’s also no shame in riding in a friend’s car to the dance.


Dining with a large group of friends this season will surely relieve potentially heavy expenses if a nice restaurant is being considered.   A more friendly setting can be reached by having each friend contribute a dish to a collaborative home-cooked meal in someone’s house, or any other desired location.







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