Freshman receives special invitation to tour WCPO

Meteorologist Steve Raleigh gave Freshman Jacob Robb a tour of the WCPO news station on Gilbert Avenue, Tuesday, April 8. Robb was invited to the station after Religion Teacher Teresa Davis emailed to Raleigh an article written by The McNicholas Milestone about Robb’s personal weather website that he updates daily.

Raleigh has always been Robb’s favorite meteorologist, and Davis felt that Raleigh should know that Robb looked up to him. “If any person is a role model, that person needs to know,” Davis said.

Raleigh saw Robb’s determination and invited him to the news station for a short, one on one tour. Robb created the website when he needed a break from schoolwork one day, and the invitation to WCPO was an unexpected but welcome bonus.

“It made my day,” Robb said. “They have the most powerful RADAR in the tri-state, TVs with weather maps on them, and small touch screens built into the table to control the bigger ones [to make the forecasts].”

Robb and Raleigh talked about the weather, equipment, college, and requirements, and this strengthened Robb’s resolve to become a meteorologist and to be on the news.

“In my short eight years of teaching, I have only met a few people who have known their passion freshman year and really went after it,” Davis said.

Robb has had an interest in the weather since he can remember, and he hopes to study meteorology at a school like Ohio State, Penn State, or North Carolina University in Charlotte.

His website is still open to new subscribers and provides weather predictions and information.



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