Summer doesn’t mean closed doors for McNicholas

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When the final bell rings for the end of the school year, lockers are emptied and students turn off their brains for the summer. For the 10 weeks between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next, the McNick campus is the last thing on the mind of its regular inhabitants. For many, though, the doors never close. Even without the masses on sight shuffling through the halls five days a week, there is still a lot to be accomplished in and around the building to prep for the next school year.

Fall sports conditioning starts early for Rocket athletes, with many sports starting in the early weeks of June, just weeks after the school year ends. Additionally, summer gym begins on campus shortly after the school year ends. There are also over 25 day camps going on in and around the building from June 9-27 for students in grades 1-9.

The summer months also bring time for much needed maintenance around the building. There are multiple major projects going on this summer, including the painting on the exterior of the convent, replacing the roof of St. Joseph Hall, upgrades to the main lobby concession stand, a new school sign for the Beechmont entrance, and the completion of all scheduled work on Project Paradise. Maintenance supervisor Mike Woodruff said that there’s always regular maintenance needing to be completed as well.

“We’ve always got something to do around here,” Woodruff said. “We do landscaping, remodeling, and painting and cleaning in classrooms every summer.” Also helping out all summer is art teacher Willy Corbett, who does a lot of the painting needed around the building.

“There’s usually a lot of painting the school needs around the building, mostly just retouching,” Corbett said, “but I also help out Mike [Woodruff], along with [English Teacher] Ashley Markesbery and [Technology teacher] David Sandmann, who work all year round to keep this school beautiful.”

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