Class officers work to get privileges for senior class

Senior Class President Elliott Higgins and Vice President Caroline Jorden took initiative that has resulted in a new privilege being granted to the Class of 2015: class hoodies.

In years past, hoodies have been against dress code and permitted only on jeans days, but this year the rule has been amended.

“In the years prior to having tablets, hoodies were banned because they  created a perfect place to text in the front pocket. Since the addition of tablets, we don’t find that to be as big of a problem anymore,” said Student Moderator Gerard Kissel. Past administration also believed that the hoodies gave the uniform an unprofessional look.

Higgins and Jorden searched for something to make up for the loss of the senior exam exemptions. In a meeting with Principal Patty Beckert and Director of Curriculum Dan Rosenbaum, the two were informed that the grade standard for senior exam exemptions would not be lowered. “Administration told us that McNicholas High School takes pride in its academic integrity therefore it will hold its students to higher academic standards,” said Higgins.

As a result, the plan for senior hoodies was put into action. “The administration is very supportive and likes granting us privileges, but they also know we must stay within certain boundaries, ” Higgins said. After running the idea past Kissel and getting the approval of Beckert and Rosenbaum, the hoodie privilege was granted.

Kissel explains that it’s one hoodie, reserved just for seniors. However, he had advice for both the Class of 2015 and for the underclassmen who are still awaiting their own privileges,“Respect the privileges you have now,” Kissel said. “If you’re eating outside at lunch- clean up. If you are allowed to wear one designated hoodie- wear that one hoodie, not an OU hoodie or anything else. That’s the key.”

The new privilege was announced earlier this year at the senior class meeting. From the excitement of the seniors, it seems students are ready for their new hoodies.

“I’m excited that our class is going to be able to wear hoodies this year. They’re so much more comfortable than the other uniform sweatshirts and also a lot warmer in the winter,” senior Julia Snider said. ”It’s cool to be the first grade to be given this privilege.”

“We plan on asking for our fourth quarter college t-shirt privileges earlier than last year’s seniors to ensure that it’s a privilege we keep,” Higgins said. “Caroline and I are prepared to make this the best year yet for our fellow seniors.”

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