Rules during lunch: what students need to know

During their 48 minute lunch at McNicholas, students have free time to do as they please. However, there are rules that students must follow. These rules include where students are allowed to be and what they can do.

Principal Patty Beckert said that students can be in the cafeteria, the library, or the restrooms. While in the cafeteria, students are allowed to be on their cell phones or tablet. Students are not allowed to be in the gym or lobby, due to lack of teacher supervision. Before and after school, students are allowed to be in the gym or lobby.

Students are allowed to be in the library during lunch, but they must be respectful, both to other students and to the library. No eating or drinking is permitted in the library so that it can remain in good condition. The tables on the main floor are for students to work together on projects or just to relax. The balcony is designed for individual study only and all students in the balcony must be seated. Students are allowed to have cell phones in the library, as long as they are not being disruptive. Librarian Anne Jones said that she has no problem with phones being in the library.

“[Cell Phones are] no more disruptive than a tablet because they [the students] are not making phone calls, they are just texting or checking other information.” The librarians want students to come to the library, use the resources, ask questions, and relax. The rules that are in place are not there to restrict the students that are there, but to ensure that the students trying to get work done can do it in a peaceful environment.

Seniors have privileges during lunch, but they are earned not given.  Those privileges include the senior line to get food and being able to eat in the courtyard weather permitting. Those privileges are revocable. While eating in the courtyard, seniors are not permitted to go to their cars under any circumstances. If they have to go to their cars, they must check out through the office and check in when they return. Seniors will not be permitted to eat in the courtyard if students continuously go to their cars or leave trash.

The rules during lunch for next year may remain the same, but Student Moderator Gerard Kissel says that

“Rules are just guidelines, if they no longer work, they can be tweaked.” Kissel also wants students to know that the rules in place are not there to hinder students, but to ensure their safety.









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