AP Graphic Design and Photography students participate in Artists Reaching Classrooms

For the third consecutive year, McNicholas AP Photo and Graphic Design students will be participating in the Artists Reaching Classrooms (ARC) program at the Taft Museum of Art on Oct. 2, along with twelve other local high schools.

ARC is a program aimed at promoting an enjoyment and interest in art by providing multiple learning opportunities for students by acquainting them with the collection of Charles and Anna Taft at the Taft Museum.  In addition to viewing the artwork at the museum, students will also be viewing the studio works of painter Kay Hurley and will receive an inside look into the artist’s technique for studio work, a tour of her studio, and they will hear about her choice to pursue a career in the arts.

On the trip to the museum, students will choose one piece of art to use as inspiration for a new piece of artwork, which they will create.  Once all the students have complete their piece, seven projects will be chosen and used in the regional art show to represent McNicholas.  Scholarships can be awarded to competitors.

“The goal of the program is to connect contemporary artists working in our area to future artists (our students) while using the permanent collection at the Taft as inspiration,” Photography and Graphic Design teacher Ellyn Whiteash explained.

McNicholas fine art students have participated in past competitions, and previous scholarship winners include Tony Losekamp ’13, Erin Kaising ’13, and Peter Gilligan ’14.


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