Will you go to Homecoming with me? Top 5 student asks

Before heading to the McNicholas Homecoming Dance Oct. 4, many students chose unique ways to find a date to the dance. The Milestone asked students to tell their stories to compile the top 5 ways that students either asked or were asked.

  • Junior Jimmy Wegener had a pizza delivered to his soon-to-be date’s house with the letters ‘HC’ written on it in pepperoni. On the box lid, he wrote, “I know it’s cheesy, but will you go to Homecoming with me?” As a finishing touch, he had balloons for her, too.
  • “Will you goat to Homecoming with me or nahhhh?” is how junior CeCe Smith’s boyfriend, Sam, asked her. CeCe’s friends took her to a house with goats and he was standing there holding a sign that asked the question.
  • Senior Max Bartel asked fellow classmate Emma McDermott during their history class with Mr. Tim Monahan. While the class was watching a video, he had his friends stand outside the windows with ‘Homecoming’ written on their stomachs. After seeing his friends, she turned around to be surprised with him holding flowers.
  • “Grace, will you kick it with me at Homecoming?” is the question that freshman Kyle Blaha asked classmate Grace Moschel via a soccer ball kicked across the soccer field to her after soccer practice.
  • Junior Lucas Andersson asked his date to Homecoming using candy. “I brought a big bag of Sour Patch Kids with a note that says ‘Homecoming would be “sour” for me if you didn’t go with me.’ There were 2 check boxes on the bottom of the note that said Sweet (Yes) or Sour (No).”

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