Annual walk donations exceed goal

McNicholas High School’s 32nd Annual Walk on Oct. 3 marked yet another communal effort to raise funds for McNick. The largest student involved fundraiser for the year, students walked a 6 mile, 3.7 mile, or 1 mile course based on the amount raised by their homeroom. Students exceeded the goal of $40K.

The strategy to raise money is to have students ask teachers, friends, family members, and neighbors to donate to the school’s general fund, which allows for regular operating costs of the school. Director of Curriculum Dan Rosenbaum said, “[The Walk money] goes into the general fund for operating costs for things like, lighting, desks and repairs, heat, etc.” as well as unexpected improvements that need attention.

In order to be a top earner, students were more than willing to share their strategies for raising funds. The highest earner from the sophomore class, Megan Rack said she enjoys asking for money for McNicholas. “I like to collect [money for the Walk] and ask others because it will help me in the future not to be afraid of asking people for favors,” she said.

The highest earner in the junior class, Kevin Grannen, placed emphasis on striking up conversations with potential donors. “I don’t see a problem asking people for money if I know that it is going towards a good cause,” he said. “The McNicholas community is thankful for any amount, and if you explain what the money goes to, people feel better about what it will be spent on, so I explain to the sponsor that we use the money for things that will help benefit our school.”

Top earner in the senior class Abbey Taylor gave insight into how generous the community really is. “My strategy was honestly just to ask family members. I’m lucky that they were so generous, and I actually have relatives who are McNick alum, so that was definitely helpful,” she said.

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