Freshmen bring skills and new ideas to Student Council

Vice President Nick Rosenbaum (Left) and President Bryce Miller (Right)
Vice President Nick Rosenbaum (left) and President Bryce Miller (right)

On Oct. 21, freshman Bryce Miller was elected as Class President and freshman Nick Rosenbaum was elected as Vice President for the Class of 2018. These newly elected officials will serve alongside the Freshman Student Council during the school year, and the freshman student council is wasting no time to propose changes to student life at McNicholas.

“One specific idea I want to see happen is have the schedule of the day posted on a bulletin board right where the students walk in every day so they will stop being confused,” Miller said. “I’m a great listener, and I’m very confident in everything I do.  If a change needs to happen, I will make it happen and bring it up to the members of student council.”

Freshman Student Council member Veronica Menendez wants more socialization among all grade levels. “I want there to be more after school activities, like the Freshman Spirit Night, with different grade levels because I have noticed that people in different grades do not socialize with other people from other grade levels and by doing this, students will spend time together with different people, which might resolve this problem.”

Freshman Vice President Nick Rosenbaum wants to help resolve issues in the area of technology.

“It’s no secret that these new tablets have their issues,” Rosenbaum said. “It’s nobody’s fault because it’s new technology and it comes with a price of issues. Specifically, I would push for some sort of extended training for students, in which they could learn some ways to fix the basic problems of their tablets.”

The freshman members of Student Council plan to use their grade school experience and personal set of skills to help them with their new role at McNicholas.

“I bring the skills of listening, care, joy, and leadership to Student Council. I also bring my work ethic. I tend to be a happy person, and I hope to bring joy and energy to the group,” said freshman council member Natalie Martinez.

Freshman members of Student Council are also bringing their leadership to other extracurricular activities at McNicholas such as Spirit Club, Photo Club, Robotics Club, International Club, Swim Team, Marching Band, and the Student Ambassador Program.

Freshman Student Council has set a few goals for their class and will try their best to carry out the plans they are presented with.

“I believe I am a good listener, and when someone has a problem they want to discuss with me I want to hear about it and do everything I can to help,” Martinez said. “I believe I am a caring person, and I am always trying to help others. I hope to reinforce this idea in Student Council.”

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