Fun competition brought by intramural volleyball

On Nov.2, McNick held its first intramural volleyball games of the season. This extra-curricular sport allows for a fun competition of 15 teams with a total of 110 students participating. Students from every grade can participate.

This year, Guidance Counselor Matt Wehrman is the moderator for the intramural volleyball program.

Games last no longer than 30 minutes and each game starts directly after the one previously played. Due to the season beginning later than usual because of having a new moderator, there are only a total of 8 games for the season.

Of the 15 teams, the top 8 teams at the end of the season will advance to the tournament. The winning team will play the faculty team in January.

“The tournament games will dictate who plays the faculty. The winner of the tournament will receive tournament champion t-shirts,” Wehrman said. “When the students play the faculty, if the faculty were to win they would get bragging rights, nothing more. Occasionally we just want to beat the students at something,” Wehrman said.

The next games will begin at 1 p.m. on Sunday Nov. 23 in the auxiliary gym. Admission is free and there is standing room only; bleachers are not available. All are welcome to attend. For future Sunday dates of games, please check the McNicholas calendar.

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