The Milestone staff takes part in “Transformation Tuesday”

Looking back on an old yearbook is always a fun way to take a step back in time. It’s especially interesting for the seniors who look back at their awkward freshman selves, recognizing the mark they’ve made on the McNick community, realizing that they’ve broken out of their shells, and of course, appreciating how they left the Hollister graphic tees back in 2012. For this first installment of Transformation Tuesday, the Milestone staff seniors reflect on the ways they’ve changed since freshman year.

Lauren Fisher


During her freshman year, Lauren Fisher was against getting involved at McNick. She thought it was just for the “try-hards,” but as time went on she learned that involvement is what made her happy. Freshman Fisher attended a total of one club meeting. Senior Fisher is now the self-proclaimed “Queen of try-hards” and is an active member of several groups including Academic Team, Service Club, Student Philanthropy, NHS, French NHS, U4U, International Thespian Society, and of course, The McNicholas Milestone.

I’ve put a lot of my time and effort throughout the past four years into my work as a student journalist, and I think I’ve come a pretty long way. The first story I wrote took me about four weeks to write – and still only has about 30 views! Today, I feel so blessed to be able to call myself Editor-in-Chief, and to work with such amazing, people every day.  When I was a freshman, I never thought that I’d be where I am today, getting ready to go off to college, knowing exactly where I want to go and what I want to be.”

 Gabby Quesnell



Gabby Quesnell also has torn down her anti-involvement walls since her freshman year. She now enjoys volunteering and takes part in Academic Team, NHS, Science NHS, and the McNicholas Milestone. She’s happy to say that she is now a proud part of the community at McNick.

I think I’ve both broken out of my shell and found my niche since freshman year. I’m much more open to others and I’m a better and happier person because of it. I know I’m not perfect, but I like who I’ve grown to be during my time in high school.”

Nick Keri


Freshman year, Nick Keri would have been found on the baseball team, but now he can be seen running through the streets of Mt. Washington with the cross country team. Since his first year as a Rocket, Keri has improved as a wrestler, and has not had a losing season since. He’s also surrounded himself with people that build him up instead of bring him down.

“I was way in my shell freshman year. Almost none of my grade school friends came to McNick, so I didn’t talk to that many people. I found a small group that I didn’t necessarily fit in with that well, but I never looked anywhere else to meet anyone new. Starting junior year I found a good group of people that I fit in with much better.”

 Ericka Kaimer


Ericka Kaimer, along with most other seniors, is in awe of how fast her time at McNick has passed. Since freshman year she’s spent her time in Track and Field,  Service Club, Respect Life Club, and Spirit Club. Her proudest accomplishment is almost making it to the Regional semi-finals in the 300m hurdles during her junior year track season.

“Freshman year I was extremely shy and would not talk to many people. Now as a senior I say hi to people in the hall that I would have never guessed I would talk to. I feel that I have also become a lot more involved because I want to enjoy my senior year and feel that by being involved I will create a more lasting memory as a McNick student.”

 Hannah Van Zant


Freshman year, Hannah Van Zant never saw herself writing for the Milestone, but now, she’s glad she did. After freshman year, she became a member of an equestrian team and joined 4H with her mule.

I feel like I’ve come into myself a lot more.  During my freshman year I kind of forced myself to be outgoing and loud, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that’s not how I really am at all.  I’ve actually become a lot more reserved and selectively social throughout the years, but I’ve found people who I relate to so much more and have a lot more fun with.”

Jordan Musselman



Through being a part of Liturgy Choir, Service Club, the Musical, Track, and Peer Mentoring, Jordan Musselman has found comfort in the McNick community. He’s discovered that the student body is friendly and approachable and has made several new friends. He’s enjoyed growing in the spirit of McNick and being a part of the Launch Pad.

“I’ve definitely improved as an athlete, thespian, singer, and person. The teachers, coaches, and directors are all great at our school, and they really care about us and they want to see us succeed. I can tell that they love what they do, and it’s really helped me trust them and improve on everything that I do. Freshman year is all about meeting your superiors and getting use to the ways they do things. Now, I have plenty of experience and I have a comfortable relationship with them and my peers. I’m more of a leader than a follower now.”

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