Jobs give lifelong skills to students

Working during the school year can have a major impact on the lives of high school students, especially for those whose lives are already filled with homework, sports, and extra-curricular activities. However, students who work are able to develop lifelong skills, such as a strong work ethic, time management, world experience, and money management.

Lucas Andersson
Junior Lucas Andersson has been working at Got-Autism since the summer of 2014, moving products into empty spaces and handling inventory. Got-Autism is an organization that sells products for those who live with autism and other cognitive challenges.

Though the workplace can be stressful, Andersson sheds some light on a motto he follows: “Whenever something is frustrating,” he said, “you just keep calm and carry on.”

He plans to save his money for a new set of cymbals for his drum set and a street legal-motorcycle later on in life.

“Having a job is one step closer to maturity” Andersson said.

Nicole Scott
Senior Nicole Scott began working as a hostess at Pelican’s Reef in July of 2013.

To Nicole, being a hostess gives her a new outlook on customers. “People take anger out on you, but you just keep smiling,” Scott said.

Scott plans on saving her money for college and for rent when she starts living on her own.

Adycen Cooper
Senior Adycen Cooper worked at Smoothielicious in Jungle Jim’s, which closed on Nov. 22 due to decreased business. She made smoothies, other food items, and tended to customer requests. Previously, Cooper worked at Pizza Hut and at a sit-down restaurant at Kings Island.

“I am going to try to get another job and try to apply to another food or beverage place,” Cooper said.

Cooper plans on using the money just as a general savings for now.

Ronnie Ehemann
Senior Ronnie Ehemann has been working at Big Apple Bagels since May of 2013. He has been working since he was 16 and plans to continue throughout the summer.

“I am a professional cream cheese spreader,” Ehemann joked.

Ehemann plans to use his money towards college, but has also spent it on car-related expenses, skis, and the popular soccer-simulation video game, “FIFA.”

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