Cheers bring spirited atmosphere to the court

On Dec. 2, basketball season officially started with the Women’s Varsity team playing Milford. With the ending of football, basketball brings a similar hype among students.  Games quickly become another excitement of the school year and an easy way to show McNicholas spirit and sportsmanship. However, those still relatively new to the McNicholas family may not have the hang of every cheer.

Upperclassmen, pipe up!

Not only can upperclassmen and those who know the cheers help those around them, it will also help the atmosphere of the game become more spirited and lively. Bring each underclassmen into the Launchpad. Help them understand what it means to have true McNick spirit. Let them know that it isn’t a secret group, but a group of students present at each game cheering on their fellow classmates.

Senior Cheerleader Olivia Witt gave pointers on how new students can acquaint themselves with the cheers. “I think by participating in [the cheers] more they’ll be able to get the hang of them,” Witt said, “And by having others [seniors] guide them, not just ‘BOO’ them.”

Cheer, cheer, cheer.

Whether embarrassment is part of the hesitation or not, cheer. While knowing the words can help, showing McNick spirit through the use of voice can be just as effective.

“Don’t be embarrassed to cheer along—that’s the point!” Witt said.

Senior basketball player Andrew Schuermann said the cheers mean a great deal to him on the court. “When the fans are cheering loudly, the atmosphere completely changes the game,” he said. “When the crowd gets in our opponent’s head, it gives us an advantage, almost like having a 6th man on the court with us.”

Participate in practice.

While the practice for these cheers is not like an everyday sport, it is important to participate when pep rallies occur. This will allow each student to catch onto the cheers to better voice them during games.

“I think it would be a great idea to do this [practice during pep rallies]. Getting everybody on board to cheer chants is a great environment to be a part of,” Schuermann said.

Rocket Cheers 101


e-i-e-i-e-i-o, (crowd repeats)

come on M-H-S let’s go, (crowd repeats)

OOOO, (crowd repeats again)

oh oh oh oh, (again, crowd repeats)



v-i-c-t-o-r-y, v-i-c-t-o-r-y, (insert grade level here) what’s your battle cry (crowd repeats spelling victory)?

(go through each grade level)

Rockets what’s your battle cry (crowd repeats)?



Who’s dynamite?

We’re dynamite!

And when you mess with dynamite, it goes tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

Boom dynamite (stomp at boom)

Boom boom dynamite (stomp at both booms)


We got Spirit

We go spirit,

Yeah, yeah we got spirit.

We go what, what, what, what, what

What what what what what what what

We got spirit!


Do it

Do it, do it do it

Do it, do it do it

Do it, do it do it

Stop let the (insert grade level here) do it

(let people have fun)

Stop let the (go through all grade levels) do it

(let each grade do it)

Stop let the rockets do it (everyone does it)


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