Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Which is the better buy?

Christmas break is 16 days long this school year and it is one of the longest Christmas Breaks that McNick students can possibly have. This means that students have plenty of time to “binge watch” critically acclaimed shows that all of their friends have recommended as well as classic movies and television shows from years past without the trouble of DVDs and commercials. But the question is, which streaming platform is the best buy?  Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime costs $99 a year, but buyers also get free two-day shipping on items from Amazon, free downloads of Kindle items (one book per month), and downloadable music from Amazon. Customers can watch Amazon Prime programs on their PS3, Xbox, Wii, and Wii U consoles, or on their TVs, Blu-ray players, and computers. But it can be hard to tell what programs are available for free and what Amazon customers have to purchase for their viewing pleasure. Not all seasons are available for free on Amazon Prime either. For example, Amazon Prime does not offer any seasons of The Office for free under an Amazon Prime membership.

On the other side is Netflix. Netflix costs $8.99 a month, which costs a total of $107.88 a year. Netflix customers can watch exclusive Netflix programs that include documentaries, stand-up comedians, and exclusive shows like House of Cards and Arrested Development. Netflix customers can watch their favorite programs on PS3, X-box Wii, and Wii-u, consoles as well as TVs, Blue-ray players, and computers. However, customers complain that Netflix makes it hard for people to browse titles if they are unsure of what they want to watch, and they also complain about programs leaving Netflix over contract disputes. Movies can take several months before they are released for viewing on Netflix.

Amazon Prime offers a yearly subscription while Netflix offers a monthly-subscription, so if you don’t want to be hassled with monthly bills, Amazon Prime might be the best option. But, if you don’t want to be a commitment with a streaming company just yet, Netflix is a good choice. Netflix costs $107.88 and Amazon Prime costs $99. Both platforms offer the same number of titles but Amazon Prime offers perks like free shipping and free downloadable items. Netflix offers delivery for DVD rentals but it charges $7.99 more to your subscription. Users have found Netflix to be more user friendly because it allows numerous members to watch programs on one account and it organizes recommendations. Overall, Netflix is more expensive but it offers more titles whereas Amazon Prime has more perks but offers fewer titles.

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